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Bedside Shelf for Bunk Bed & Top Bunk, College Dorm Room Essentials, Loft Bed Accessories, Clip on Nightstand Organizer,Floating Bed Side Table Tray Shelfie Storage - Original White Wood

Bedside Shelf for Bunk Bed & Top Bunk, College Dorm Room Essentials, Loft Bed Accessories, Clip on Nightstand Organizer,Floating Bed Side Table Tray Shelfie Storage - Original White Wood

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  • VERSATILE DESIGN OPTIONS: The BedShelfie bedside shelf boasts 7 stylish models, including Minimalist (13.75 x 9.5''), Original (13.75 x 9.5''), Essential bed caddy with cup holder (17 x 11.6''), and Plus (19.25 x 11.5''), which clamp onto bed frames with a rail. The Slide bedside shelf model is perfect for box spring beds and platform beds as an attachable under mattress table.
  • ORIGINAL, TRIED & TRUE DESIGN: Launched from Kickstarter and designed in Los Angeles, the Bedshelfie bedside shelf has been featured on top publications such as Apartment Therapy, BuzzFeed, and Real Simple. Our original bed shelfie bed shelf organizer table helps small space dwellers make the most out of their space, from those in tiny bedrooms to college students in need of a top bunk bedside table. It is the preferred choice for bed side organization and storage.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY & CRAFTMANSHIP: From day one, we have been committed to creating the very best bedside shelf solutions, with furniture-grade finishes and scratch and fade-resistant coatings. Our custom-molded metal hardware is designed to last, making the BedShelfie a modern nightstand alternative or an ideal tall nightstand addition that elevates your home.
  • EFFORTLESS NO-TOOL INSTALLATION: Our intuitive design eliminates the need for complex instruction manuals. The BedShelfie caddy tray is incredibly versatile, serving as a headboard shelf, sofa tray, changing table, or cord organizer. It is particularly popular with city dwellers, as one of dorm room essentials for college students, a room decor, a teen room nightstand or a kids side table. Safely holding up to 35lbs, this floating nightstand can hold a 13-inch MacBook, phone, water, and more!
  • BUILT TO LAST FOR A LIFETIME: We stand behind every Bedshelfie bedside shelf we make, and our exceptional customer service is available for the life of your Bedshelfie. The Bedshelfie bed side table / night stand comes in Bamboo (Natural, Black, White, and Gray) and Eco-Hard Recyclable Plastic (Black and White) and is designed to last for years to come. Make the Bedshelfie bedside table a staple in your home.

Product Description


Loved by thousands and a favorite College Dorm Room Essential for guys and girls

A Must-Have in Storage, Organization and Decor, specifically designed for Small Spaces and College Dorm Rooms

Which Bedshelfie is right for you?

For *Any* Dorm Bed
For Beds with a Side Rail
For Box Spring Beds/Flat Base
Clamp vs Slide
*NEW* Clamp for *ANY* dorm bed Clamp: 3.1 inch Clamp: 3.1 inch Clamp: 3.1 inch Slide (No Clamp)
Tray Size
15.2 x10.5 inches 12.5 x 9.25 inches 17 x 11.6 inches 19.25 x 11.5 inches 13.75 x 9.5 inches
Hard-Recyclable Plastic Hard-Recyclable Plastic Hard-Recyclable Plastic Bamboo Bamboo
Black / White Black / White Black / White Natural / Black / White / Grey Natural / Black / White

Which BedShelfie works best for the Dorms?

Fresh off the press, we just released a new model, called "DormEssential" - this new clamp design will fit any dorm bed - from metal dorm beds to lofted dorm beds. 18+ months in the making :)

I have a bed frame with a square-ish side rail, which model should I buy?

The BedShelfie DormEssential / Original / Plus / CableCatch / Cup Holder models will work best. The clamp has the largest range on the market from 0.0 to 3.1 inches large! It fits most beds with a bed rail

I have a bed with a flat base without a lip - like a Box Spring bed or Platform bed, which model should I buy?

The BedShelfie Slide model will work best

I have a bunk bed / lofted bed, which model should I buy?

For bunk beds that have a square rail (not a round rail) the BedShelfie DormEssential /Original / Plus / CableCatch and Cup Holder models will work best.

I still have questions about fit, what should I do?

Would love to hear from you, simply click "Smallish" next to "Add to List" in the top right hand corner.. then Click "Ask" - Chris, the Founder, will personally answer each and every question within a matter of hours

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