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Foot Pumice Stone for Feet Hard Skin Callus Remover and Scrubber (Pack of 4) (Blue)

Foot Pumice Stone for Feet Hard Skin Callus Remover and Scrubber (Pack of 4) (Blue)

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  • For Soft, Smooth Feet - Maryton professional foot pumice stone to remove calluses and rough skin for soft, silky, smooth feet, also be used as pumice stone for body, hands and elbows
  • Improved Foot Scrub Features - Maryton has been committed to inventing a best callus remover sponge for decades. This premium double sided pumice stone has 2 levels of coarseness to suit any type of calloused feet. Especially works great for exfoliating cracked heels, also widely used as shower foot scrubbers
  • Premium Pedicure Tools - Our best selling blue pumice stone set are widely used by spa salons across the USA. Made from high quality material and does great job of removing callus, this foot scrubber is trusted by professionals
  • Pedicure Feet At Home - Foot pumice stone is a simple yet effective way to remove calluses. Perfect size, fits into the palm of the hand for easy use. Save time and money, enjoy your foot spa-like experience at home by using Maryton pumice stone for feet products
  • Renew Feet From Here - Why not have a try? Renew your feet with the exfoliation of this foot pumice stone. Say Hello to beautiful, smooth and silky feet. Maryton pumice stone set is your smart choice

Product Description

Your feet will thank you.

Nobody want dry, cracked, rough feet, especially when it’s sandal season. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on pedicures, you can solve the problem right in the comfort of your own home with Maryton pumice. Our foot pumice works great for exfoliating rough calluses, corns and dead skin that’s keeping your feet from looking their best. Experience the difference and reveal healthy, beautiful, baby-soft feet instantly.

Maryton has been focusing on manufacturing and selling professional Personal Foot Care products for decades.

We are committed to provide the best quality, affordable foot care products for a spa-like experience at home.

Maryton Professional Pumice

Your At-home Foot Treatment Choice

Replace your expensive spa trips with our at-home treatment and we’re confident you’ll notice amazing results right away. With our foot pumice you’re in control and can focus on the areas of your feet that need the most attention. And with the 4 pack of pumice, you’ll be saving big time on following exfoliation.

  • Premium man-made pumice
  • Provides 2 levels of coarseness
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Individually wrapped
  • Widely used by spa salons
  • Trusted by professionals

Effective on Calluses, Hard Skin, Corns, and Cracked Heels

Use Maryton pumice to exfoliate away calluses, hard skin, corns, and cracked heels and reveal soft, healthy, glowing skin. Ergonomic design of synthetic pumice for easy use. With 2 levels of coarseness, you can use according to your personal needs and at the pressure you like.

Tips: Used on wet feet. For best result you can use Maryton pumice after feet has soaked in a tub, shower, or basin. Your feet will have that fresh spa-like experience from the nail salon feeling and enjoy your own pedicures at-home.

Improved Foot Scrub Features

Maryton foot pumices have excellent foot scrub features - Made with top material, this synthetic stone (Not natural rock stone) boasts a uniform structure for effectiveness in removing dead skin and tough calluses.Simple usage, provides amazing results.

Ergonomic design makes it fits into the palm of the hand for easy use

5 x 2 x 1 inches, ideal size to carry

Individually wrapped for nice pedicure gifts.

How to use your foot pumice?


For best result, soak your feet in the warm water to soft callus for 5-10 minutes.

(It is also great to use in the shower or after bathing.)


Wet your pumice, and rub the callus according to levels of coarseness and at the pressure you like.


Apply a layer of lotion or foot cream after scrubbing will help your feet stay smooth and beautiful.


1.Because of the pumice features, when you open the inner cover and use, there may be some pumice powder.

2.Use foot pumices on wet feet. Do not use on delicate, soft skin or on inflamed, red skin.

3.It is better to use in the shower or after bath.

4.The pumice pad can be lightly immersed in the water before use.

5.Replace your foot pumice if it’s showing signs of wear and tear.

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