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Over Sink Heat Resistant Beauty Mat

Over Sink Heat Resistant Beauty Mat

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  • HANDLES HEAT WITH EASE: Sink Topper is made from heat-resistant silicone rubber, just like the reliable silicone tools you find in your kitchen. It can handle temperatures up to 480°F, protecting your sink from heat damage caused by styling tools.
  • EASY USE, EASY BEAUTY: Using Sink Topper is a breeze. It doesn't need to fit precisely around your faucet hardware. Just leave a 1/2 inch of space in front of the faucet, and you're all set. This makes your daily beauty routine more convenient.
  • CHOICE OF SIZES FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Sink Topper offers two size options to suit your needs. Opt for the standard size for sinks up to 19" wide or the large size for bigger sinks up to 23" wide. Ensure the perfect fit by measuring your sink to make the right selection. It's like expanding your countertop instantly, providing a solution that matches your unique requirements.
  • NO MORE CLUTTER: Sink Topper can hold up to 7 lbs, giving you a clutter-free countertop. Whether it's makeup brushes or cleaning tools, it keeps everything organized.
  • EFFICIENT CLEANING SURFACE: Sink Topper comes with a textured surface designed for cleaning makeup brushes. It makes your beauty routine easier, and cleaning is a snap - just use soap and water.

Product Description

Transform Your Sink into a Makeup Oasis! Show a clean and organized bathroom sink with the Sink Topper in action. Neatly arranged your brushes, hair dryer, and other beauty products on the silicone surface. No more searching for your favorite tools - they'll be right at your fingertips!

Make every day a spa day with the Sink Topper Foldable Sink Cover! Made from premium silicone, this water-resistant sink cover turns your sink into a beauty station, providing a dedicated space for makeup application, brush cleaning, and beauty essentials. With its foldable design and adaptability to any sink size, it's the perfect addition to any beauty space, offering a hassle-free and enjoyable makeup application experience. Upgrade your bathroom space and unleash your inner makeup artist like never before!

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