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Teepee Dog Bed

Teepee Dog Bed

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  • PREMIUM & SAFE MATERIALS - Pickle & Polly products are designed and created with longevity, comfort, and pet safety in mind. Our canopies are made from medium-weight fabrics finished with soft and luxurious materials to provide a safe home your pets will love to cozy up in. All poles are made from 100% pine, completely free from harmful chemical treatment.
  • STYLISH - Made with stylish materials, our fabric patterns and warm colors seamlessly blend into your existing home décor and make for happy pets.
  • COMFORTABLE - Our dog beds provide the highest level of comfort for your best friend. Each pillow provides several inches of high grade fill weight material to ensure it retains shape, even after years of pet cuddles. We finish each pad with a swirled floret cover casing--always the best for best friends!
  • DURABLE - Pets can be tough players and we keep that in mind when we design our products. We use 300+ GSM weight machine washable fabrics and high quality chemical free materials that can stand up to years of playful fun.
  • SIZE - our teepees are sized perfectly for all your smaller furry friends, suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, and all other creatures under approximately 25 pounds

At Pickle & Polly, we’ve made our tents and teepees as a special treat for our best 4 legged friends - we wanted a cozy place for them to rest that is stylish, durable, easy to clean, and made well without any harsh chemicals. Often times a comfortable place to rest is the best medicine.The canopy is made of high quality, soft, 300g woven fabric that will look chic in any setting, and the bed is super fluffy and supportive, with the top fabric made of the coziest material we could find that can also hold up to years of happy naps, and the poles are made of 100% pine. Again, none of the materials have been treated with any harsh chemicals so we can rest easy that our furry loved ones are safe while they’re sleeping.We also wanted these friendly spaces to be super convenient: easy to put away or transfer - we didn’t want another bulky item that’s hard to carry or store away, so each tent and teepee folds up in a snap and is lightweight to make carrying easy, and all the materials (except the pine poles) can be thrown into the washing machine for when life’s little accidents occur.Pickle & Polly tents and teepees aren’t just for dogs either! Our tents and teepees are sized perfectly for all your smaller furry friends, suitable for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hedgehogs, and all other creatures under 20 pounds.

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